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What We Do

Red State Strategies is a full service Republican Political Consulting and Public Affairs firm. With over 20 years of firsthand campaign experience in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee at the local, state and federal level, Red State Strategies offers a unique perspective of winning in the traditions of the Republican Party. Red State Strategies is one stop shopping for political consulting.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Red State Strategies is one of the few Alabama political consulting firms that will draft and implement an extensive campaign plan specifically developed for your campaign. Plans include vote goals, budget and campaign calendar.  Our firm will generate interest and support for your candidate or objective through innovative strategies and relentless execution, utilizing the most up-to-date survey research and voter targeting methodology.

Grassroots Planning

Red State Strategies also offers unparalleled grassroots planning to ensure your campaign efficiently reaches and contacts the “right” voters on a person to person basis.

Direct Mail and Print Media Design and Production

With an in-house designer on staff at Red State Strategies is able to quickly submit proofs to our clients. Whether it is palm cards, postcards or large mailers, we make sure that every direct mail piece conveys the message our clients need. We pride ourselves in producing unique and eye catching pieces for every client. Red State Strategies has gotten results with effective, efficient mailings that take the right message to the right voter. Our positive mailing campaigns will bring your candidate's strengths to light. Our negative mailings are hard-hitting, but fair.


Television and Radio Production and Placement
Our staff is creative, witty, and experienced with ad copy. Red State Strategies' political advertising strategies put the opposition on the defensive, and our clients on the airwaves.
Social Media Marketing
Social media has become an important part of the political campaign landscape.  Whether you are a Facebook novice, interested in Instagram, or an avid Twitter follower, Red State Strategies helps our clients integrate social media into their daily campaign routine.
Automated Phone Calls and Flashpolls

One of the best ways to reach the largest amount of voters at home is through automated phone calls. Red State Strategies not only set up the calls but also assists in the creation of the message. We also have the ability to quickly allow your campaign to know how you stand without expensive polling.

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