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Jim Carns_0079.jpg
Rep. Jim Carns
Alabama State House

"I’ve worked with Red State Strategies through multiple campaigns, and I cannot say enough about their professionalism and skills.  The team assists you with all your campaign needs:  mapping out and executing a winning plan, production and placement of traditional and digital media, designing and writing all print material, even grassroots organizing such as door-to-door and phone banking.  If you are considering running for public office, Red State Strategies is definitely the way to go."

Rep. David Wheeler
Alabama State House

"Red States Strategies is a full service campaign consulting firm. Their knowledge and expertise on all facets of campaigns is highly effective. RSS's design of creative radio, TV and direct mail leads to successful campaigns. They have developed a highly effective network of partners for photography, radio and TV production and media relations that leads to success. I find their collaborative style effective and efficient. I would recommend RSS to anyone considering a campaign at any level."

Rep. Mike Holmes
Alabama State House

"I highly recommend Red State Strategies as a Campaign management consultant based on my two successful campaigns for the Alabama House. Their in-depth knowledge of the electorate and their custom designed strategic plan aimed at the targeted voters made it possible to reach these voters very effectively and efficiently."

Steve Ammons_0183(1).jpg
Commissioner Steve Ammons
Jefferson County, AL

"Red State Strategies helped me with every aspect of my campaign, from big picture to the smallest of details.  They are great to work with and always accessible to their clients.  Most importantly, they completely understand the political landscape and trends.  I highly recommend their services."

Jamie Kiel_0399.jpg
Rep. Jamie Kiel
Alabama State House

"The team at Red States Strategies are experts in their field. As a political newcomer, they guided me to primary and general election wins against strong opponents. I would highly recommend RSS for your next political campaign."
Chairman Joan Reynolds
Shelby County (AL) Republican Party

"Red State Strategies handled all the county party's needs during the 2018 election cycle:  creative mail pieces, catchy radio advertising, a Facebook campaign that raised our page's Likes, and general consulting work.  They did a great job!"
Sen. Steve Livingston
Alabama State Senate

"If you are considering running for Public Office, Chris Brown and Red State Strategies is the team for you!  Chris has an in-depth knowledge of  Alabama’s political landscape and issues, and will write you a comprehensive plan!  He is capable of conducting the simplest grass roots campaign of door to door, phone banks and/or a campaign of professional digital marketing, catchy radio and television advertising.  Chris is a winner!!"

A Sorrell Headshot.jpg
Rep. Andrew Sorrell
Alabama State House

"Chris Brown and Jeannie Negrón Faherty have done it again...won an "un-winnable" State House race in Alabama. I've watched them do it several times over the last few years, but this time was different. This time, I was the candidate. There was little question who I wanted to hire as my consultant when I began. Chris literally knows everyone in Montgomery and has other contacts all over the state. His advice helped me avoid several missteps on my campaign. Jeannie Faherty was on the ball when I needed things fast: car magnets, yard signs, Facebook help...she got the job done.  I would highly recommend Red State Strategies to anyone else looking to run a serious campaign. "

Judge Bill Lewis.jpg
Judge Bill Lewis
19th Judicial Circuit, Alabama

"Campaigning for office for the first time is daunting. Red State Strategies made the process much more manageable. The candid advice, campaign strategy, organization, available resources, around the clock availability, and effective use of political information was invaluable. Highly recommended!"

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